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Building Skills for Proficiency PDF indir

Building Skills for Proficiency PDF indir, e-kitap sitemizde Building Skills for Proficiency kitabı ile ilgili bilgi vereceğiz. Cesur Öztürk tarafından kaleme alınan Building Skills for Proficiency kitabı 697 sayfadan oluşup, Ciltsiz kapak olarak yayınlanmıştır. Building Skills for Proficiency kitabını 9786052268186 numarası ile kontrolünü yapabilirsiniz.

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Building Skills for Proficiency PDF Oku

Building Skills for Proficiency is a specially designed workbook containing a wide variety of exercises and tests that aim to help learners to master the English language in order to ensure their success in English proficiency examinations, LYS, IELTS, TOEFL and YDS.

The book gives extensive coverage to the complexities of English, providing brief but relevant explanations and carefully selected examples to clarify problems about the structure of the language. In addition, it provides tests to determine how well the learner has mastered a given structure. The book contains about 1500 test items which cover all major grammatical patterns is English.

Features include:

• Determiners and Nouns, Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives, Tenses, Modal Auxiliaries and Related
Words, The Passive Voice and the Causative Form, Gerunds and Infinitives, Adjectives and Adverbs,
Adjectival Clauses, Noun Clauses, Adverbial Clauses, Participles, Reduction of Clauses, Prepositions,
Sentence Connectors, Special Difficulties (Inversion, Parallelism and the Subjunctive), Sentence Variety

• General Grammar Tests

Vocabulary skills are dealt with in detail with special emphasis on synonyms and correct usage. The vocabulary items are designed in such a way that the learner moves form the simple to the complex. Vocabulary exercises and vocabulary tests cover a wide range of academic words that are frequently encountered in academic texts.

Features include:

• Synonyms, Correct Usage, Phrasal Verbs, Words Which are Often Confused, Guessing the Meaning
of Unfamiliar Words, Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions, Stems, Prefixes and Suffixes

• Vocabulary Tests

Reading comprehension, which plays a crucial role in English proficiency examinations, is improved systematically with special emphasis on basic reading skills.

Features include:

• Skimming, Scanning, Recognizing Restatements, Identifying the Main Idea, Identifying Reference
Signals, Making Inferences, Choosing the best Title, Predicting, Unity, Coherence (Arrangement and
Connection of Sentences)

• Tests for Reading Comprehension

Building Skills for Proficiency also contains a detailed grammar index that covers all conjunctions and major grammatical structures as well as a comprehensive vocabulary index and glossary that includes virtually all important academic words used in the book along with their synonyms and Turkish equivalents, thus making it accessible to not only advanced learners but also to those who are at intermediate and pre-intermediate levels

With the addition of important grammar and vocabulary notes and an expanded vocabulary index containing about 3400 entries and 6000 synonyms, the 46th edition of Building Skills for Proficiency is an indispensable reference and test book that facilitates preparation for important English language exams.
A detailed key to the tests and exercises is available in the book.

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