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For over on thousand years, Constantinople thrived as the “New Rome,” the capital of the Byzantine empire. During this time, the wealth of the empire was used to create masterpieces of architecture and art, many of which still remain in Istanbul to this day. Let this collection of pleasant walks show you the splendid legacy of the Byzantines. From year-old Theodosian land walls, from the exquisite mosaics of the Chora Church to the Greek Orthodox churches of the Bosphorus and Fener, take this opportunity to explore some of the finest treasures Istanbul has to offer. Against a stunning backdrop of monuments, churches, palaces and sacred springs, the history, culture, art and religion of the Byzantines are presented and explained. Entertaining and fascinatig annecdotes will introduce you to the figures and events that shaped the Byzantine ere. Complete with full color photos and maps of the sites, Byzantine Istanbul: A Self-Guided Tour is the most comprehensive guide to Byzantine Istanbul available.

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