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PYP Readers is based around three simple principles: explore, reflect and apply through literature. It is a six-level series of readers that are designed to complement any inquiry-based classroom setting, particularly aimed at primary years programs. Each book is beautifully illustrated and has rich, content-packed stories that make perfect jumping off points in cross-curricular lessons. With 12 different stories per level, there will be no problem finding the right book for class.

  • Level 1: About Me
  • Level 2: Outside Discovery
  • Level 3: Fabulous Field Trip
  • Level 4: Edventureland
  • Level 5: Tropical Wonder
  • Level 6: Venture Quest

Series Features

  • Characters authentic in behavior and attitude to children at the same age and developmental level as the readers
  • Language that represents the natural speech between children that is age appropriate
  • Adventures and situations that highlight and encourage curiosity and exploration
  • Illustrations that reflect the imaginative and creative minds of children

An introduction to science, culture, folklore and experiences that represent interaction with the world

  • Series Components
  • 6 levels of readers
  • 12 illustrated volumes per level
  • Teacher`s Resource Book per level

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