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About The Body Atlas
Reveal the inner workings of the human body with this illustrated atlas.

How well do you know your body? What happens under your skin? Where exactly is your stomach? What does your liver do? How can ears help your balance? The Body Atlas answers all these questions and many more.

This unique visual guide approaches a body as if it were a map, divided into “continents” (such as parts of the body) and “countries” (such as organs). You can see inside your body and examine it region by region – for example, the head and neck or the upper torso. These regions enclose vital structures, such as the brain, lungs, and heart, just as continents contain countries. Body systems such as the circulatory system (blood) and nervous system, link the body regions just like mountains and rivers range across countries.

The detailed illustrations carefully pull back the layers of the body so you can see inside the hidden interior. All bones, muscles, and organs are clearly labelled with scientific and common names; and there are photos of parts you wouldn`t normally be able to see, such as your vocal cords.

Packed with amazing facts and illustrations, The Body Atlas takes you on a top-to-toe tour through your own anatomy. Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, this book has been refreshed for a new generation of budding biologists and doctors-in-the-making.

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